Premium Horse Barn Supplies for Sale in New Holland, PA

New Holland, PA hides a gem if you are in the market for custom horse barn supplies: J&E Grill Manufacturing, the premier provider of all your horse barn and stable needs. With unmatched handmade quality, you'll find everything you need to create a stunning home for your horses.

Skilled craftsman use heavy gauge iron and steel to create beautiful custom doors and windows for your barn or stable. Powder coated with your choice of over 100 colors adds the finishing touch to make a unique, safe and functional building that will last for years to come. Here are some of the horse barn supplies they provide:

High Quality Barn Supplies in New Holland, PA

We offer a variety of different styles of interior and exterior barn doors. Our interior doors can be custom-fit to match any horse stall size, while our exterior doors are constructed with durable materials to withstand harsh elements. All of our doors are made with only the finest materials and are built to last through many years of heavy use. We will work with you on any type of door in order to get the perfect, size, shape, color, and style!


Custom Handmade Dutch Barn Windows in New Holland, PA

No horse barn or stable is complete without beautiful windows, and these Custom Dutch Barn Windows complete the picture. They are built with 1/4” clear tempered glass and are already framed for easy installation. Fabricated with aluminum and using stainless steel hardware, they are an essential addition to your barn, allowing light during the colder season and well needed ventilation during the hotter months. They come with or without custom window bars, depending on your preference.

J & E Grill Manufacturing out of New Holland PA also offers a variety of accessories such as hand made blanket and bucket holders, hay racks, wash arms and latches. They provide the horse barn supplies you need, all with guaranteed quality at economical prices.

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