Horse Barn Door Handles & Other Accessories

While focusing on big aspects of your horse barn can be fun and exciting, it can be easy to overlook the horse barn accessories that really tie your barn together. Here at J&E Grill, offer a wide range of interior and exterior barn accessories that are perfect for putting the final touches on your horse barn. Our accessories are made to suit your needs, and can be fully customized. From horse barn handles and latches, to blanket holders and hay racks, you are sure to find what you are looking for. Our team will work with you to ensure you get the perfect accessories for your barn!

Horse Barn Materials

  • Angle Trim:
    Available in sizes: 2" x 8', 1½" x 8', 1" x 8', ¾" x 8'
  • Channel Trim:
    Available in sizes: 3½" x 8', 3" x 8', 2" x 8', 1½" x 8'
  • Partition Channel:
    Available in sizes: 3"x8', 1½"x8', 3"x4', ½"x4'
  • Partition Flats:
    Available in sizes: ¼" x 2' x 8', ¼ x 2' x 4'
  • Dutch Door Trim:
    Available in sizes: 4' lengths
  • Door Track:
    Available in sizes: 8', 10', 12' 14', 16' (black or galvanized track)
Horse Barn Accessories Lancaster County PA

Standard size for Hinged Window Grills: 48" x 48"

Standard size for Dutch Windows: 48" x 48"

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