Custom Interior Sliding Barn Doors for Sale

Our sliding interior barn doors can me made in both sturdy steel and durable wood. They can have a grill or be a full screen like pictured below. All interior sliding barn doors for sale come complete with the finest tracks and rollers available. We can custom make any size you need for your horse stall. Check out our catalog to see all of our styles.

Standard sizes for Interior Sliding Doors: 48" x 85"

Interior Sliding Doors Lancaster PA

Aluminum Sliding Exterior Barn Doors

In addition to custom dutch doors, we also are suppliers of aluminum exterior barn doors! Our exterior barn doors can me made in both heavy duty steel and aluminum. They come complete with the finest tracks, rollers, and door hardware available. Exterior sliding doors are finished with our durable powder coating that offers more than 100 standard colors. There are a variety of custom sizes shown below. As with all of our doors, grills and accessories, we can custom make any size you need for your horse barn.

No need to worry about finding the best barn door handles or hardware, with J&E Grill Manufacturing, we supply all you need for an unforgettably beautiful barn door. Check out what some of our many satisfied customers have had to say about our custom sliding doors!

Custom sizes for Sliding Doors: 6'x9' (12'x9' total), 6'x10' (12'x10' total), 6'x12' (12'x12' total), 7'x9' (14'x9' total), 7'x10' (14'x10' total), 7'x12' (14'x12' total)

Exterior Sliding Barn Doors
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