Custom wood horse stalls

Custom Horse Stalls

Whether you are remodeling a barn or building new, J&E Manufacturing has the custom horse stalls needed for durability and efficiency – and they look good too! With hundreds of color and size combinations, our custom stalls can be built to your exact specifications.

We manufacture our stalls in both standard and custom sizes, and we can match existing fencing for a perfect fit. If you have an unusual design need, just ask! We’ll help you design the stalls to fit your barn, horses’ needs, and your budget.

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Horse Stall Fronts

There are many aspects to consider when designing a custom horse stall, one in which is the type of horse stall front. You know your horses’ personality better than anyone, design a horse stall that shows them off! We want your horse to enjoy their new stall while you enjoy the look of it. We offer a variety of horse stall fronts that include: flat panel, traditional Dutch door front with optional divider, double Dutch doors with a center bow for tie-out access, and many more! All horse stall fronts are available in a variety of colors and sizes for you to choose from.

Custom Wood Horse Stalls

Our custom wood horse stalls are built with the same high-quality, durable materials as our standard stalls to provide your horses with a safe and comfortable environment.

Options include custom door styles, exterior and interior trim, custom built-in feeders and troughs with dividers for extra convenience. Our custom wood horse stalls are available in a variety of sizes to fit your barn’s unique layout.

We custom build all of our stalls to provide you with the design that is both safe for your horses and looks fantastic in your barn. If you don’t have a design concept in mind, J&E Manufacturing is here to help with the entire design process!

Design Your Custom Horse Stalls with J&E Manufacturing

If you’re ready to custom design your custom horse stalls, we’re ready! We offer a variety of materials and customization options for you to choose from. Our horse stalls are available in various sizes and with various attachments, including hay racks above the doors and Dutch doors at the front with a divider between them for extra customizability.

We deliver nationwide! It doesn’t matter if you are in California, Utah, Alaska or anywhere else in the U.S., we will deliver your custom made horse stalls to your barn!

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