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A row of European stall fronts
European horse stalls

European Stall Fronts

J&E Grill Manufacturing manufactures horse barn materials such as carriage doors, Dutch windows and doors, and horse stalls, including the popular European style stall fronts. European stall fronts, also referred to as hinged horse stalls or “Euros”, offer your horses maximum socialization as the stall door and sides (wings) provide a swooping curve. The European stall front design also gives your barn the ultimate equestrian style regardless of your equestrian discipline.

European stall fronts by J&E Grill Manufacturing are durable, bold, and beautiful. They are constructed of heavy gauge steel and aluminum and can be fabricated in a wide variety of colors and styles. European stalls are available in an offset or center opening, and single or double swinging door options to meet your horse’s needs and your barn design requirements.

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European Horse Stalls

Our European horse stall fronts are built to order, and “standard” designs are available as well. Our European stall fronts can be dressed up with brass finials, aluminum caps, and a variety of curved designs. In contrast, they can also be designed to have a more simple, yet elegant Western aesthetic. Choose from various options and styles to create a horse stall design that meets your design preferences.

Low Stall Fronts

J&E Grill Manufacturing’s low stall fronts provide a low-profile design that affords the horse additional freedom of movement. To prevent creating scrapes and cuts, all low front steel edges and low corner grills are ground smooth and the low hinges on the low top grill are recessed. Our low stall fronts also offer you modern barn aesthetics at an affordable price point. They’re available in a low- (front and back), low center (lower front to accommodate low headroom ceilings), and low offset (lower front with low side to the left or right) opening styles.

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We can help you design and build an aesthetically beautiful and functional horse barn with the right equipment for your horses and your barn.

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