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Horse Stall Gates for Sale

We are proud to offer a very popular modern stall option- The mesh stall front. Our stall fronts arrive to you as a complete panel ready to set up and assemble door and track system. Installation is generally very basic on this type of stall front system. The mesh option allows your horses to feel more free, while offering generous air flow/ ventilation. Powder coated steel ensures that your investment will create a happy functional barn for years to come.

A stall gate can keep your horse safely in its stall, prevent it from getting injured, and even help calm a nervous or anxious equine. Stall gates also give you the opportunity to regulate your horse’s airflow, especially in stalls with solid walls.

J&E Manufacturing stall gates are made of 16-gauge galvanized steel with a mesh bottom. The standard stall gate is 60 inches tall and 48 inches wide. For most horses, the center bar of the guard should be at least 6 inches above their withers when they stand in front of it

View some our stall gate styles in our gallery below:

Metal Horse Stalls

Whether you need metal horse stalls for your racehorses or to install metal stalls at a home stable, we can help. We offer metal horse stalls in several different styles and configurations, including:

  • Standard metal horse stall
  • Corral metal horse stall
  • Divider metal horse stall
  • Tack metal horse stall

Contact J&E Manufacturing if you need help finding the right metal horse stalls to fit your barn!

Mesh Stall Screens for Horses

Mesh stall screens are metal panels that are hung in front of exterior stall doors or Dutch doors and windows to allow airflow while keeping horses safely contained. J&E Manufacturing’s stall screens comes with either 1-inch mesh, 2-inch mesh, or no bottom mesh depending on your needs. We can also add metal kick-plates to the bottom of stall screens, which help protect the metal bars from being kicked and damaged.

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